Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman collaboratively investigate the data tracks we amass through networked communication.  Our work ties the invisible to actual sites, anchoring the ephemeral in photographs and immersive video installations. Our most well-known project, Geolocation, traces Twitter posts to the point of origin and makes a photograph to mark the location in the real world, probing the expectations of privacy surrounding social networks. 

The first phase of Geolocation (2009 - 2016) took us across the US, from New York to Los Angeles, as well as to Canada and England. Flash Powder Projects published a monograph of this work in January 2016. The second phase, Gratitude (2016 - 2017), took us to Russia. We photographed tweets with the hashtag #ThanksPutinForThis and are currently photographing the sister hashtag #ThanksObama in the US. We are shaping this work into our second book.

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