A Portrait of Rudy Giuliani 

Produced for the CONFLUX festival, New York City, 2009.

On September 20, 2009, we created a large-scale portrait of Rudy Giuliani in Prospect Park, Brooklyn by walking a course of GPS coordinates with a group of participants. The physical space of this urban park necessitated small variations in our planned route, navigating around children playing frisbee, returning stray soccer balls, circumventing sunbathers, and dodging touch football players.

Rudy Giuliani was selected as a subject for his public conflict with the adjacent Brooklyn Museum of Art over Chris Ofili's paintings in the 1999 Sensation exhibition. In referencing this event ten years later, we hope to continue the dialogue of the manner in which public funds are used to support the arts and to make visible Giuliani's unseen presence in the history of the performance site.

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