My Heart Will Go On (For Iraq)

Produced for the conference ARTS INTERDISCIPLINAIRES: HI-TECH, LO-TECH, NO-TECH? hosted by RAIQ in Montréal, 2010.

On May 28, 2010, we created a large-scale portrait of Céline Dion in Montréal by walking a course of GPS coordinates with a group of participants. Céline Dion was born and spent her childhood in the suburbs of Montréal.

When the US first invaded Iraq in 2003, one of their first tactical actions was to seize Saddam-controlled radio stations to broadcast western music. They played the song “My Heart Will Go On” over and over again, to show that a country that produced such beautiful melodies could not be evil. It is a curious choice for the US Military to select a French Canadian artist as a display of their intentions toward an Iraqi audience. “My Heart Will Go On” is the love theme from Titanic.

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