In July of 2015 hackers released the first batch of customer data from one of the world’s most popular websites for infidelity, By the end of September of that year, the information for 28 million users had been publicly released. In a time of almost weekly data hacking, this might be a blip, except for the uniquely sensitive information included in these profiles; the names, emails, addresses, sexual preferences, and fantasies of those searching looking for a discrete partner. AshleyMadison touted itself as one of the world’s largest sites for those looking to have an affair, with the slogan, “Life is Short. Have an Affair”. 

We are photographing post offices in small towns that have a low user ratio to population. The post office is a symbol for interpersonal communication, inspired by historical accounts of post office boxes as covert conduits for small town affairs. The physical structures recall the communication models of times past while the caption points forward to the future of networked communication. 

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